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For the purpose of this blog post I choose white cotton yarn, so that the images are clearer, but I like to wear black chokers hence the featured image (yes, that’s me!)

This is what you’ll need:

  • Cotton yarn, I like to use one that is as thin as possible, to create a subtle choker.
  • A bead
  • A needle, for weaving in end
  • Crochet hook 2,5mm
  • Tape line

Start with measuring your neck (or the neck of the person you’re making the choker for). My neck is 34cm (13,5inch)Make a chain foundation in the right size, don’t pull on it while you measure it. You don’t want it to be too tightsc in second ch from hook, 1sc in each ch till the end of the foundation chainch4 (this will be the opening that is part of the clasp)1sc in each st on the other side of the foundation chain

Add bead for the other part of the clasp; cut the yarn, threat the bead, ch1, then sc and fasten off. (make sure to fasten off really good, so you won’t be able to accidentally pull the bead off (this happened to me at the first try)

Weave in end and voila!

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